Sealants and Caries (Cavities)

I was catching up on some research today and came across some relevant studies conducted by the National Institutes of Health and American Dental Association that I thought I would share.

Many parents have asked me about the effectiveness of sealants and whether they are worth it. I won’t bore you with the technicalities, but the research shows that sealants and incredibly effective:

  1. Reduction of caries after sealant placement is approximately 86% at 12 months
  2. After two years, the reduction in caries is 78.6% in children with a single sealant application as compared with children who do not have sealants.
  3. On basis of evidence, the ADA recommends sealants should be placed in children and adolescents on any pit and fissure

Dr. Priya

Source: United Health Care, National Institutes of Health, American Dental Association

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